Your loved pet will enjoy romping all day long with new friends in our beautiful play yards located in four areas surrounding our 6300sq foot state-of-the-art building, located on almost two acres of land, designed for the ultimate in quality pet care. Your loved one will revel in the simple pleasure of playing outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air! The Chateaus are filled with soothing, relaxing music throughout the day. For the pet that needs a little more exercise, we have the latest, state-of-the-art treadmill and wonderful agility toys for supervised exercise sessions designed to tone up. Two naptimes are provided for revitalizing for another romp outside. Finally, a special treat is found on our guest’s bed at the end of daycare or as night begins to fall for our boarders.

Boarders and Daycare clients may also schedule Doggie Park Passes for their companions during their stay at the About Pets Center. The Doggie Park is 1 acre of grassed land located in the fenced back yard of the About Pets Center. It consists of a doggie pool with a 10 foot cascading waterfall, agility equipment, mental stimulation play equipment, nose ball, tether ball, and a Certified Pet Care Technician to play with. Small dogs as well as large ones love to run free, climb the hills, take a cool dip in the filtered pool and meet up with special doggie friends.

The About Pets Center Doggie Park is the ONLY such park located in the Valley!

The About Pets Center also has an indoor play room for small dogs that prefer to spend their recreation time indoors. The Paris Room has a pet-a-potty, fluffy beds, mental stimulation toys, and pet appropriate videos from our extensive pet video library on our in-room television.

Pet owning clients have many choices in designing an individualized stay for their pet while they vacation at the About Pets Center.

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