About Pets Center Services Policies

Please Note: Upon admission for services, your signature of contract acknowledges your awareness and acceptance of our policies. Thank you for your trust in allowing us to care for your pet.

Admission: We reserve the right to prohibit admittance of pets lacking proof of vaccinations, and/or pets displaying signs of untreated or potentially contagious conditions, and/or aggressive behavior. We reserve the right to charge handling fees for excessively difficult or aggressive pets requiring additional staff and/or additional time in order that we may deliver proper care.

Hours Open To The Public: We regret that we cannot receive drop-off and pick-up of your pet during non-business hours unless a special pick-up time has been arranged. There is a convenience fee for an after-hours pick-up or drop-off. We are open from 7:00am until 6:00pm during the week: 9:00am until 3:00pm on Saturdays: 5:00pm until 6:00pm on Sunday.

Day Spa and Salon Cancellations: We request a 72-hour notification by telephone for cancellation of Day Spa Services, so that we may schedule another client without charging you for missed appointments.

Salon Bath: So that our canine guest may go home clean, we highly recommend that every canine guest staying three days or longer receive our Salon Bath, which is not included in the Chateau rate.

Multi–Occupancy of Chateau: We give a $3.00 discount for the second and third pet if your dogs stay in the same Chateau. In order for your pets to stay together, they MUST BE ABLE TO EAT TOGETHER. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Rates: Please note that all rates are subject to availability and change.

Food For Your Pet’s Health: We sell dry food with a low-residue made by INNOVA™ for the medium and large dogs and ROYAL CANIN™ for small dogs as recommended by our veterinarian advisors. We ask that you prepackage and label your pet's food so that digestive upset can be avoided. We do ask that the food is prepackaged and labeled for each meal. We offer an allowance plan per day for you pet’s purchase of his food snacks and/or toys, as specified by you.

Medication: If your pet requires Vet prescribed medication, please bring it in the original Vet bottle with the directions on the container. We will administer the medication according to the Vet's instructions as labeled on the container. Please do not bring vitamins or over the counter human medications. We will not administer those types of medications and ask you to take them home with you. There is no charge for administering oral medication. There is a $2.00 charge for each dosage administered by injection.

Emergencies: We refer any medical emergency to the 24-hour Emergency Veterinary Services (EVS) which is located four miles from us. We will ask EVS to charge your credit card that is on file for the services rendered on behalf of your dog. We will make every effort to contact you to inform you of any situation requiring medical attention.

Boarding Reservations: We charge a $25.00 non-refundable Reservation Fee to cover our clerical costs upon taking your reservation. This fee is subtracted from your final total upon departure. Please be absolutely sure of your boarding dates when making your reservations.

Tours: We give tours by appointments on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 10 AM and 3 PM. Please call 540-986-1604 for an appointment.

We do not give tours on Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays. We do not have tours June 15th - September 1st or holiday weeks. These are our Peak Seasons and we have to shut down our operations when giving a tour for the safety of our guests and those touring. Please do not bring your dog with you for the initial tour as we cannot allow any pets other than those in our care into the kennel area. 

Please plan ahead for vaccines, tours and reservations.