What To Expect When Your Pet Comes Home

It takes a few days for your pet to get back into his daily routine. He will be excited to check out the house or yard to make sure that no one has been in his place. He may be tired from all the fun he has had and will want to take a nap. He may be thirsty even though he has had water in his chateau at all times during his stay. Dogs get thirsty when they get excited. It is possible that his eating and drinking habits may be a little off. After all, he/she has been on the About Pets Center Daily Schedule during his/her stay. There will be a few days of readjustment.

When your pet needs to board with the About Pets Center again, please make your reservations well in advance. We like to be able to service our regular guests whenever you need to leave your pet in a safe, sanitary and loving environment.